Potential Considerations When Using Online Database Software

Businesses need to make it so that their employees can access necessary data. While some companies limit access to times when an employee is actually in the office, this isn’t always a feasible solution. An employee who works from home, has a lot of site visits or travels a lot may need to have other ways to access important company information. One potential way to deal with this is to use some type of online database software, such as a Kohezion Online Database. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration when making this choice, however.

Requires an Internet Connection

Sometimes a person may be in a dead zone and not be able to easily connect to the internet even if using either wifi or a cell phone, and in this case, they won’t be able to login to the database and get the information that they need. This is more of a problem in certain areas than in others. Those companies that generally have no problem with connecting to the internet may not consider this a big risk.
Cost Considerations

With regular database software, you can buy it once and then have no real costs to use it unless you want to upgrade to a newer version. An online database usually requires companies to pay a monthly fee and then, depending on how much data they have, they may also have to pay fees for storing some of that data, as there are typically limits to how much data storage comes free with the use of the software. It may be necessary to pay a price per user as well, rather than just once for the company. With a Kohezion Online Database, for example, the free version allows 500 MB for the database and five users. It also limits the number of projects to 15 and the number of applications to five. Paying $50 per user per year allows for unlimited applications and projects as well as 2 GB of included storage for the database.

Security Considerations

While the makers of any online database, such as a Kohezion database, do their best to ensure the security of the data, any online database is potentially more likely to become compromised than an offline version. Businesses need to decide whether the increased convenience available because a database is online, making it easier to share files and comments and collaborate on work with people in other locations, is worth the potential increase in vulnerability of the data. Speaking with Kohezion could help to allay any concerns in this regard.

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